The music festival season is upon us once again with Neon Lights Festival in November and St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in January. What better way to end and start the year then with a weekend of live music and good vibes all around?

We have had our fair share of festival experiences and here’s how you can make your festival weekend a bangin’ good one!

From makeup to shake up, it is easy to over pack for any occasion and much less a weekend away at a music festival. Of course, situations like this calls for our trusty Kelly Cosmetic Pouch and Spectra Card Case to help keep our essentials compact and within reach.

Bag from TheClosetLover

For our ladies who prefer a good party without any hassle, our Legacy ID Case is the way to go! The lanyard feature allows for a more hands-free option and to top it off, you can have all your cards and cash all in one – which is all you really need at a music festival.

More importantly, great company and endless festive cheer are the way to an amazing festival.

Best Wishes,