With our newly launched Chroma Text, the Luxemono team took a trip to Gillman Barracks to visit the Instagram-able art installations and murals. Our first stop will be the new pastel installation, “Nenas Estate” by independent fashion collective, Mash-Up. 

The pastel colours of this installation is also extremely Instagram-able for people of all ages! Specifically, it is compatible to our products and newly-launched Chroma text! The name of our newly-launched text complements the range of pastel colours in this installation, a perfect match!

We then went to one of the series of outdoor murals painted and illustrated by Singaporean artist Speak Cryptic. His artwork is seen as a series of murals on the walls of different structures in Gillman Barracks. 

 photo pic 3_zpsdmql0flp.gif

The black and white pattern-like wall provides a perfect contrast to our Chroma text and products. It does not only bring out the vibrancy of the Chroma text, but gives a dramatic effect to the picture (as seen above) due to large-scaled mural that is painted across the wall. Since there are more than 1 of such murals around, do watch out for them as you scale through the vicinity of Gillman Barracks! 

While stopping by Creamier Cafe, we saw a mural that is an illustration of different mountains in a horizon, reflections of the sea and descending bright, yellow sun. This mural is named “Coexist” by UCA (Soph O and Sam Lo). Each mountain has a different recognisable pattern, shade and colour to it. Every pattern borrows influences from traditional motifs in Singapore to represent their own unique identity.

The striking colours of each mountain mirrors the colours of our Chroma text. Our Chroma text looks so flawless against the colourful mural and we couldn’t resist to snap a shot of our product with this another Instagram-able wall!

Our trip to Gillman Barracks taught us many things about Singapore’s history and culture. Drop by Gillman Barracks when you are free to immerse yourself in both knowledge and the arts! Stay tuned for further explorations with Luxemono!