You can now order your customize stamp at SGD 50

The result is leather accessories you can truly call your own, branded and finished off with your own signature, words or phrase. Simply “Curated your Way”


1.  Please upload your handwritten signature in black/blue pen on a blank piece of paper in Hi-Resolution image or scanned PDF (Max 2MB: jpeg, png) .

2.  We will check the file to ensure that it will look awesome for monogramming. Once the file is processed, we will send the file to you for final approval. Once approved, we will proceed to make the die.

3.  It will take 7  business day from the day where the final file is approved. We will not proceed without your final approval. There can be no changes once you have given your final approval.

4.  If you would like to use the customized stamp in the near future, do not worry, we will keep all stamp safe for you. Application of the stamp will be an additional charge of only SGD 10 for each product on your subsequent orders.