Someone who loves accessorizing will always try to match his or her outfit with different bags whenever they go out. Here is what we think how a modern man can carry his accessories and essentials.

Our Sonder Clutch in black is a perfect bag for a guy to carry with on a typical day, such as to cafes, museums or quick brunches with friends. Black is a pretty versatile colour, and it stands out well in the crowd without attracting too much attention. This clutch is small enough to suit the minimalist qualities in guys, but it is also just the right size to hold enough items that they need. So let us show you what a man can keep in this clutch on a casual occasion.

1. Cologne. For those who want to feel confident when they smell great in front of their friends. Also for those who likes to present themselves in a clean-cut way.

2. Spectra Mock Croc in Black. Our favourite card holder as it can be personalised with one’s initials. It is stylish and convenient to hold your travel passes, debit cards and loose change.

3. Orb Key Ring. To accesorize with keys.

4. Headset. A must have. We hate it when we travel around without listening to our favourite Spotify artists. Forgetting your headsets is almost as bad as forgetting your keys.

5. Sunglasses. Because it is always sunny in Singapore.

6. Smartphone.

7. Cable and charger. This is extra important on a long day, as smartphones run out of battery so quickly.

After all the café hopping, it is time to hit the gym. We know that nowadays guys enjoy working out to look good. Also since it is summer, now’s the perfect time to work on those abs – never too late to get back to your New Year’s Resolutions on getting fitter! Here is an idea on what you can pack with you in a gym bag to the gym.

We hope that this benefits you in organising your bags better. Have a great summer!

Till next time!

Best wishes,