An occasional visit to Swedish giant mall IKEA for its signature meatballs and home furnishing exhibitions has always been therapeutic for Singaporeans – we included. After all, who could resist its myriad choices of furniture, home decorations and reasonable priced meals?

Our morning was spent exploring and drawing inspirations at the showroom, and picking out new decorations at the Markethall to spice up our office and individual work spaces. We were so spoilt for choices – from the colour themed dinnerware sets to live flora waiting to be picked up by their new owner. Guess who got themselves a new potted plant?

Our team made a beeline to the restaurant right after and treated ourselves with delectable Swedish-style dishes. We were fortunate to come across the Singapore’s Swedest Sale and settled for two full plates of chicken balls and other all-time favourites – chicken wings, mushroom soup and pastas. 10 chicken balls for a dollar? Count us in!

Desserts are a must-have for the sweet-tooth. We were awed at how good the cake was and had to resist in getting a second serving – the long queue helped us quite a bit in that.

How can one leave the megastore without visiting its food market and bistro with a vanilla ice cream cone (or hotdog) in hand? The cinnamon buns, mashed potatoes and Daim candy bars are some great Scandinavian treats you might want to bring back home.

We definitely had a day well spent over here and we hope you have a great one too! Else, dropping by IKEA may be one perfect way to reorganize your workspace and mind.

Best wishes,