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Ever wonder how many make-up products you can place inside the Fleur Vanity Case and Kelly Cosmetic Pouch? As make-up addicts, we can never have enough make-up products, so it is time to check out our new Fleur Vanity Case, alongside one of our- all-time favourite Kelly Cosmetic Pouch! 

Our Fleur Vanity Case (in colours red and black) takes the shape of a rectangular box, thus able to stand on its own without any support. Our Fleur Vanity Case is made for you OCD people out there, where you are able to stack your make-up products neatly.With an angular design, you are able to throw your Fleur Vanity Case into your bags without creating a mess in your vanity case! 

The sturdy structure and material of the Fleur Vanity Case allows you to keep your more delicate products in a safe space. No matter the thick and thin your products have been through, you will still have your products in its perfect condition! 

On the other hand, our Kelly Cosmetic Pouch is a convenient option if you are going out to town for a casual date.While the structure is not as angular and sturdy, it is more than enough to store your essentials. Compared to our Fleur Vanity Case, our

Kelly Cosmetic Pouch definitely takes up less space in your handbag, being less of a hassle to bring out.

The Kelly Cosmetic Pouch provides a different range of colours, from black to blush pink — enough choices for people of different personalities and style!

One of the most obvious difference between our FleurVanity Case and Kelly Cosmetic Pouch is the size of it.The Kelly Cosmetic Pouch is almost half the size of the Fluer Vanity Case. 

The Fleur Vanity Case can store products larger in length and breadth. If you are going for a staycation with your girlfriends, the FleurVanity Case is a perfect option to store all your facial masks without destroying it as you carry your bags around.

The Kelly Cosmetic Pouch provides a personal touch, where everything that you place in it is for you and only you. Ranging from hand creams to facial products, anything that you want is within your reach! 

With these two products in mind, we hope we played a part in deciding which cosmetic pouch/case to buy!

Till next time! x